Retail Membership Benefits

  • Lobbying Representation — The Guild provides legal and lobbying support for policies which benefit the craft brewing industry in Nebraska. We believe our collective voice is far stronger than our individual voices in affecting change in Nebraska. In recent years, the Guild was influential in passing LB1105 (allowing breweries to distribute to their own taprooms) as well as defending multiple attempts at raising excise taxes in the state. The Guild has a robust legislative agenda on the horizon and hopes to continue to make positive changes to help our breweries find success.
  • Voting Privileges — Your membership in the Guild allows you to become a voting member to help shape the Guild’s legislative agenda and priorities as well as input on other Guild marketing, event, public relations, and awareness efforts.
  • Access to Peer Support — all brewery members have access to our Facebook group for collaboration opportunities, sharing of resources, opportunities to ask questions, etc. In addition, we are happy to share via email to our listener any additional questions you may wish to ask the Guild at large. We also have quarterly membership meetings (currently hybrid, with the opportunity to attend in person or join via Zoom), and an annual Guild retreat (which will be revived post-covid).
  • Access to Industry Support - through our network of Industry, Retail, and Wholesale networks, we are happy to make warm connections for you to potential vendors or partners in the industry.d success.
  • Events — the Guild participates in a number of beer festivals and other events (we have collaboration brews on the horizon) to generate awareness of the industry and promote collaboration and connection among our members.
  • Continuing Education — The Guild has launched a monthly continuing education program - topics will vary from marketing, hops forum, technical aspects of brewing, to management. Our members will help drive the content for these monthly webinars. In addition, we will bring back our annual Brewers conference in 2022.eries find success.
*Please note that the benefits may be altered at anytime by NCBG to best meet the needs of our members.
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