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Our Advocacy


The Guild is responsible for helping create and defend legislation that creates a hospitable climate for small business owners in the industry to grow and thrive. We represent the collective voice of our members when dealing with government regulators, policymakers, and other industry stakeholders. This is crucial in shaping favorable legislation and regulations for our Nebraska craft beer community.

Current Priorities

Self Distribution

Established beer distributors prioritize efficiency and predictability with familiar beer brands, presenting challenges for startups and smaller breweries that fall outside these parameters, often leading to higher consumer prices and reduced competitiveness against larger brands benefiting from economies of scale. We’ve been working to give our members, with Self Distribution, more financially and operationally feasible options for their operations.

Franchise Tax Reform

We are aligned with The Brewers Association on this issue. “The BA is committed to supporting the three-tier system of beer production and distribution in America. We wish to ensure that the three-tier system fosters competition and treats craft brewers fairly. The BA also believes that the three-tier system is not a static institution but rather a dynamic system that must constantly evolve to ensure that all three tiers in the system—brewers, distributors, and retailers—are treated fairly.”

Excise Tax

The Guild will continue to support keeping excise taxes in Nebraska low. Brewers pay excise taxes regardless of whether they are profitable or not.

Drink Local Movement

Supporting local breweries and cideries is essential for fostering community identity, boosting the economy, and promoting diverse and unique flavors in the world of craft beer and cider and we take this very seriously. In fact, we have dedicated the entire month of October to just this mission for our members here in Nebraska.

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