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Good Life, Great Beer

Season 1 Preview

Here’s a quick look at what’s coming in Season 1 of Good Life, Great Beer. Our hosts, Allison Snell and Colt Neidhardt, will be traveling to breweries across the state of Nebraska. They’ll be sharing the stories behind the brewers, employees, and visionaries that make these great brews.
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Ep. 1  - White Elm Brewing Co.

In this episode, Colt & Allison visit White Elm Brewing Company in Lincoln, Nebraska. They'll be talking with head brewer Kolby Wood and taste testing some barrel-aged stout beers.

Ep. 2  - Code Beer Co.

Colt & Allison have made their way to Code Beer Co., located in the Telegraph District of Lincoln, Nebraska. They'll be talking with Matt Gohring and Adam Holmberg while also helping bottle some of their great beer.

Ep. 3  - Saro Cider

Colt & Allison are in Lincoln, Nebraska, where they've made their way to Saro Cider. Join them as they talk with two of the Saro Cider owners and learn more about this delicious (gluten-free) craft drink!

Ep. 4  - Upstream Brewing Company

Colt & Allison are in Omaha, Nebraska, visiting Omaha’s oldest brewery – Upstream Brewing.  Join them as they sample delicious beer and food pairings with Upstream’s head brewer and head chef!

Ep. 5  - Brickway Brewery & Distillery

Colt & Allison are in Omaha’s Old Market where they've stopped by Brickway Brewery and Distillery. Join them as they meet with Master Distiller Zach Triemert and taste test some sherry-cask-aged whiskey.

Ep. 6  - Pals Brewing Company

Colt & Allison are making new friends at Pals Brewing Company in North Platte, Nebraska. Join them as they meet with owner Amy Oettinger and learn about Pals bed and brew.

Ep. 7  - Peg Leg Brewing

Arrr you ready for a beer? Colt and Allison certainly are. Join them on their journey to discover delicious new beers at Peg Leg Brewing in North Platte, Nebraska.

Ep. 8  - Kinkaider Brewing Company

Join Colt and Allison as they meet the legend 'Dan the Wiser' and try world-class beers at Kinkaider Brewing in Broken Bow, Nebraska.

Ep. 9  - Scratchtown Brewing Company

Are you itching for a beer? Colt and Allison definitely are. Join our hosts as they try some of the finest beers in the Sandhills at Scratchtown Brewing Company in Ord, Nebraska.

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