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Zipline Beer Hall hosts lively bingo nights on Mondays

Jan, 4 2023

The Zipline Beer Hall is nestled on the south side of Lincoln at 5740 Hidcote Dr. The building, conjoined with the cafe and bar, Art & Soul, is typical of a craft beer joint. Long, wooden tables sit perpendicular to the bar, which features a number of artisan ales and lagers. The bar is open every weekday, but people don’t just come in for taps.

Since its inception in 2012, the Zipline Brewing Company has expanded from a small homebrewing alliance to a statewide industry, comprising four locations split between Lincoln and Omaha, with the Zipline Beer Hall hosting free bingo games every Monday.

The bingo event involves four rounds of the game, two of which are “single bingo” and the other two being “blackout bingo.” Prizes include a free glass of wine, a gift card for a free pint, a 32 ounce to-go container and a 64 ounce to-go container. Patrons who are of legal drinking age are allowed to participate, but attendees under 21 years of age must be accompanied by someone over the legal drinking age.

Meghan Munyon, Zipline’s taproom and supply manager, said she hopes that by hosting events at the Beer Hall, they can make an impact on the community.

“Our main goal is bringing people together and doing fun little things like this. Low pressure encourages people to come out,” Munyon said. “Maybe they’ve never been there before and they realize that they like the space or that it’s really close to where they live.”

Besides bingo, the Beer Hall also hosts trivia every Thursday night. The Brewery Taproom located at 2100 Magnum Cir. is also known for hosting special events to commemorate beer releases and raise money for nonprofits.

Zipline is known for giving back to the community through charity work. One of their most recent campaigns is the “pint-for-a-pint” deal with The Nebraska Community Blood Bank, which allows anyone over 21 to donate a pint of their blood and be rewarded with a pint of beer at any Zipline location.

Zipline has also collaborated with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Bee Lab, which harvested honey to create a special set of beers. The brewery has also worked with the Nebraska Humane Society and the Lincoln-based nonprofit GIRLPowR.

Megan Kauphusman, a Zipline taptender, said she is excited to see her community come together for events at the Beer Hall following the COVID-19 pandemic.

“For me in particular, I feel like I have been able to meet a lot of new people in the community that may not have otherwise had a reason to come to Zipline,” Kauphusman said. “I’m kind of a flower on the wall getting to watch all the different families and friends rekindle. That’s been nice to see.”

Kauphusman said that she admires the environment at Zipline, both as a worker and a former customer.

“Everybody who works here is really, genuinely a wonderful person,” Kauphusman said. “I’m glad that I was a patron before and was spending my money on a good place.”


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