Industry Supporters

Industry Supporter Membership is available to a person or company that supports the Nebraska craft brewing industry by providing products or services used by craft brewers. Examples of affiliate members include financial/accounting services, legal counsel, equipment manufacturers, ingredient suppliers, etc…

You may not brew beer, but our brewer members would be lost without you!  Whether you grow or supply key ingredients (hops, barley yeast) or you provide important services our brewers need (accounting, banking, equipment, insurance, logos, packaging, legal counsel and lots more).When you become an Industry Supporter you’ll gain opportunities to be engaged in the Nebraska craft brewing community and ensure our members have access to the best products and services out there.  

Contact us at to inquire about joining the Guild.

Global Keg rents stainless steel kegs anywhere in the world. Our SmartKeg™ technology uniquely identifies each keg in our fleet to track/trace individual keg movement around the world providing brewers with product data never before available. We also handle all reverse logistics and guarantee brewers on-time delivery of clean, fit-for-use kegs ... or we pay them!

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